Your Project

You run a livestock farm and you own an uncovered manure storage tank? You’re willing to reduce your fossil fuels consumption and reach energy autonomy? Our teams are available to assess the technical, economic and environmental feasability of your project.

Precise data are needed to study your project such as:

  • Manure storage tank dimensions
  • Manure flows in the storage tank
  • Manure quality and methane potential analysis
  • Current energy consumptions and location of equipment

A pilot unit can be installed a couple of days on your manure storage tank for study purposes. This cover collects biogas in order to quantify the level of production per surface and analyse biogas composition (CH4, H2S).20151020_104445


Nénufar helps you to search for subsidies to fund your project depending on local support schemes for renewable energy development.

Administrative procedures

Installation of a Nénufar cover doesn’t require any building permit however, as any biogas installation, an administrative procedure is mandatory. Nénufar helps you in the writing of the administrative documents.

Project development duration

Unlike typical biogas projects, Nénufar units have short development periods avoiding supply agreements, modification of the manure spreading plan, building permit, grid connexion processes and high investments. The average development period is one year.