Guernevez Pig Farm (France, 29)


The Guernevez pig farm installed a Nénufar cover in order to collect, count and analyse biogaz before injection on an existing anaérobic digestion unit. The energy produced is used for barn heating.

couverture Nenufar biogaz fosse lisier guernevez finistère methanisation

Methavo Elevages (France)


Methavo Elevages runs a 2*150 kWe anaerobic digestion installation since 2007.

The upstream calf manure storage tank is covered with a Nenufar biogaz collecting cover that increases the global energy efficiency of the installation.




AgroParisTech Grignon Farm (France)

Grignon Farm is constantly improving the energy balance and the breeding activities impact on the environment through the Grignon Energie Positive program. In order to reduce greenhouse gases emissions and fossil fuel consumption, the farm installed a Nénufar cover in mai 2014.

Nénufar cover

The biogaz cover was set up on a 1600 cubic meter cow liquid manure pit. Rainwater is collectes and pumped out to reduce spreading costs. Biogaz is stored directly on the pit and transfered to the boiler in the dairy.


Biogaz Utilization

Biogaz is transfered toward the boiler in HDPE tubes. Condensates are collected in several low points.


Biogaz line and HDPE piping

In the boiler room a activated charcoal treatment reduces the biogaz H2S concentration. Hot process water is produced with a biogaz boiler in order to supply the dairy (heating, cleaning water, pasteurization)


Boiler installation (biogas/natural gas) next to the dairy

Songhaï Farm (Porto Novo, Bénin)

Songhaï Center Farm trains young agricultural entrepreneurs from Bénin and Africa. Biogas is a strategical energy solution for the African continent and the WABEF projects aims at developing energy and fertilizers production units for organic residues in western Africa. A complete biogas unit has been created on the Songhaï Center in order to demonstrate the feasibility of these technologies and enable the practical training of the students. Nénufar realized the design and the implementation of the biogas storing devices (3 storage tank covers and 1 gazometer).

Bénin songhai Afrique biogaz gazomètre Nénufar énergie

Biogas unit on Songhaï Farm (Bénin)