Nénufar cover

In order to enable livestock breeders to produce economically biogas on their farm, Nénufar has developed a tailor made cover for any type of storage tank.This tank cover converts any storage tank in a renewable energy production unit for the farm. Nénufar cover is protected by two patent.1

Main benefits of the Nénufar biogas cover

  • Greenhouse gases and odours emissions reduction
  • Fertilization value conservation and nitrate concentration
  • Rainwater removal and reduction of manure spreading costs.
  • Biogas collection, storage and on-farm utilisation to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Nénufar cover can be installed on existing anaerobic digestion units to collect residual biogas from digestate storage tanks or manure buffer tanks avoiding loss of methane potential during storage periods. Captured biogas is used on the engine or injected to the grid improving the project profitability.

couverture nenufar pneumatique installation biogaz methanisation fosse lisier digestat
Shaping, transportation and on site installation

Manure management isn’t impacted by the device. Direct and secured pumping is possible during spreading periods (no direct contact with the gasholder). The biogas cover coexists with transfer pipes and stirrers.

Pompage des lisiers par pendillard
Manure spreading