Biogas to energy

Nénufar implements integrated biogas to energy units. These units include biogas transportation network, analysis, compression, treatment and combustion. Energy produced is used to heat buildings, greenhouses, dairy, or fodder drying.

Exemple of biogas to energy conversion on boiler

HDPE is used for biogas transfer between the cover and the utilization point on buried sections of the network. Inox 316L is used for aerial parts. A minimum slope is maintained in order to drain away condensates.

canalisation biogaz PEHD inox Nenufar méthanisation tranchée

Raw biogas contains sulphur hydroxide (H2S) which produces sulphuric acid. Acid damages gas networks and equipment’s (boilers, engines). Nénufar always includes a H2S treatment device. Two types of treatment are recommended:

  • Controlled air injection in the gasholder in order to boost the aerobic bacteria action on H2
  • Activated charcoal filter installation. Charcoal are impregnated for H2S treatment in order to meet boilers and combustion equipment requirements.

filtre charbon actif biogaz methanisation H2S traitement

Nénufar designs and installs complete biogas to energy conversion units. Our units include all required process and security equipment in order to guarantee optimized combustion.

  1. ATEX blower for biogas transfer
  2. Biogas quality scanner for CH4, CO2, H2S et O2
  3. Biogas flowmeter for energy counting
  4. Biogas boiler for low LCV fuel
  5. Electrical cabinet

These equipements can be integrated in the existing boiler room or installed in a standard container close to the utilization point.